Billinge, Reverend Charles


Billinge, Reverend Charles
Preacher, St Benedict Biscop Church, Wombourne, 1767-1781
He published Poems on Christian Charity, Contentment, and Melancholy, in 1784 (Printed by J Smart, Wolverhampton). Two of the poems were dedicated to his Staffordshire neighbours: ‘Charity’ to John Hodgetts ‘from a lively sense of gratitude for unmerited and accumulated favours’, and ‘Melancholy’, to Sir John Wrottesley ‘with the warmest sense of gratitude and cordial feeling' He
married Sarah Collier of Woodford Grange on 18th September 1769 by Joseph Honeyborne, Vicar of Wombourne.
They had a son, Edward who was born in 1777, a son, Charles (birth date unknown), and Henry (baptised 10 April 1779), a son, George (baptised 23 September 1780). Two daughters Ann and Mary Billinge, were born in 1786 and 1792 respectively. Charles junior married in 1797.
Hodgetts, John
Wrottesley, Sir John, 8th baronet
Honeybourne, Reverend Joseph
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