Dudley, Staffordshire


Dudley Castle, c. 1780
Dudley, Staffordshire
Town in Staffordshire.
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Sir Samuel Hellier to John Rogers, 26th July 1769 Physical Object
John. I Received Mr. Jordan's Letter which gave me 
a full & Satisfactory account. of his proceedings & I have this day 
recieved yours which I chuse to reply to immediately as no Time be 
lost. — I Desire you would make my thanks acceptable to Mr. Jordan 
for his Letter & hope he will Excuse my not writing as I am 
much hurried. — With regard to the Organ that will be now 
got ready Directly and Passion week will bring it Down & fix 
it in Wombourn Church[.] In the mein Time Desire you would. 
speak to Lawyer Banton or somebody to have the Faculty got 
ready ^ out of Lichfield Court ^ to give by Leave to Erect it or we shall wait for it 
so Pray hasten it now Both yourself & Mr. Jordon mention 
the Organ standing against the steeple but both off you forgot to 
send the Dimentions & Height so when it's to be fixed up —
we must alter its measure Pray inform me in your next which desire 
may be soon you are all so long in Doing Things in the County
'Tis Indifferent to me what Part of ye Church it Stands in, & if Placed 
Quite right it should stand in the arch of the Chancel but so as we 
have it in the Church no matter where it’s fixed Tho Mr. Honeybournes 
Objections have no sort of weight for The Great Organ in the 
Cathedral at Canterbury is placed Sideway's & so is the Organ 
in St. John's College Oxford & 20 other Places. Pray take Care 
to be Perfect in the Singing Te Deum Messiah &c as we shall 
call upon you to perform Easter Monday on in ye week at ye — 
opening ye organ, & Remember. to get Every Persons name down & 
what he Subscribes towards ye organ this I must know in your next 
The Dragon next Occurs I have again been with Mr. Bannon he Say’s —
once for all that he is q[ui]te Certain it is made right & a greater Quantity 
of Body behind than before I shew’d him that part of your Letter he
further adds Unless by some Means or other you Can Effect an attention
he must have it again sent Carefully Packed to alter in London
so Deter mine some way or other but by no means to hurt ye Beauty
or Elegance of it sure you may alter it I've almost a mind to Come
Down myself to see it Done you don’t say how its liked —Sir Samuel Hellier to John Rogers, 3rd January 1767 Physical Object
Sir Samuel Hellier to John Rogers, 4th March 1769 Physical Object
Sir Samuel Hellier to John Rogers, 5th January 1768 Physical Object
Sir Samuel Hellier to John Rogers, 7th May 1781 Physical Object
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Church of St Thomas, Dudley (St Thomas & St Luke, Top Church), Staffordshire Location